Experts in Custom Home Additions Construction

Sometimes our homes need something special. Something a little out of the ordinary that isn't in your typical house. The team at Lewis and Associates Contracting is here to help with your custom home additions construction. Some people choose to add a home addition to help house a personal business. This could be anything from creating a home office, to a yoga studio attached to your home. Our additions will suit your exact needs and will be the space and feel you want. Plus, we have the ability to create a home addition that works with your current home. We will create a look that allows the two spaces to blend together seamlessly. Depending on what you want, we can create an entirely separate plumbing, electrical, and HVAC system for your new addition, or create an addition that works well with your existing home. Talk to the team at Lewis and Associates Contracting about your needs, and we will come up with the perfect plan.
Another place where we excel is with in-law suite construction. Sometimes it is necessary to have our in-laws move into our home. This can be to help take care of them, or to have our in-laws help with children in the home. Whatever the reason, it can be a big change for your in-laws, and yourself, to have them move in. Creating a dedicated space with all the conveniences of home can help tremendously to streamline the process. This means creating a separate living and sleeping area, most of the time with a bath and small kitchen attached. Our team is able to not only find the space in your home, but make the addition of an in-law suite affordable. In-law suite construction can be completed quickly so that your family can move in and become acclimated to their new space. In-law suites are practical and affordable. They are a wonderful way to bend two parts of your family together under the same roof.

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