Create Your Dream Home With Residential Home Construction

We all have our own personal style, and the home is an excellent place to express this style. Finding trusted remodeling contractors can be tough, especially when you want a specific look or feel in your home. The team at Lewis and Associates Contracting is here to help. We are a two pronged team that can bring both design, and practicality to your home. With a design background paired with a project management background, our team is able to create just the look you want, with the most efficient and practical plan. We are happy to work with you through every phase of the process. This means as remodeling contractors we will create stunning, inspiring design, with the speed and efficiency your budget needs. We have experience working through several home projects including HVAC designs, bathroom remodels, kitchen remodels, and additions.
Residential home construction has many facets that require detailed knowledge and education. The team at Lewis and Associates Contracting is experienced in several residential home construction projects. Whether you are looking for a stunning new kitchen, or a spacious new bathroom, our team is able to tackle your project. We are also experts in the less glamour sides of residential home construction. We can help install an efficient new HVAC system, or help with plumbing and electrical. Sometimes the most important work we do lies behind the walls themselves! Our team is also happy to come into your project at any phase to help consult or complete an ongoing project.

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